Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Govt. of Lao PDR Southern
Laos Food and Nutrition Security and Market Linkages Programme
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Southern Laos Food And Nutrition Security And Market Linkage Programme (FNML)

What Is FNML & Why was it formed?

  • Southern Laos Food and Nutrition Security and Market Linkages Programme (FNML)
  • FNML goal is, the reduction of extreme poverty and hunger in Lao PDR
  • Also to ensure sustainable food and nutrition security and income of households in the target area
  • FNML promotes a dual approach that aims at tapping the agro-ecological potential to target markets, and improving food and nutrition security
  • The main target group will consist of the population of 175 target villages combining poverty with production and market potential
  • The programme will target a total of 10,500 households, or 63,000 direct beneficiaries
  • The programme will target a total of 12,000 households, or 70,500 direct beneficiaries

Where we want to be after 3 years?

  • To see at least 35% of households with improved food and nutrition security (having diversified food throughout the year) and at least 20% in reduction of under-five-ear children malnutrition
  • To have at least 30% increase in income and in the ownership of household assets.

FNML Vision

To be able to reduce poverty from rural livelihood and to be able to make a difference in farmers/villagers lives, which will be effective for their lifetime.

Programme Executing & Implementing Agencies

  • Lead Programme Agency: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (National Level)
  • Main Coordination Office: Programme Regional Coordination Office (PRCO)
  • Implementing agencies:
    • PAFOs (Sekong, Salavan and Attapeu)
    • DAFOs (Dakcheung, Ta Oi, Sa Moi, Phouvong and Xansai)
  • Support agencies: Dept. of Health, DONRE, DPWT, DoIC, DPIs and LWU

Map of our Target areas

Maps of Our Recent Activities

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Total Budget 18.85 Million US$

  • Latest Amendment of the programme Financial agreement signed by IFAD and GoL, represented by MOF on 11 Feb. 2016
  • Main funding sources are:
  • IFAD Grant No. D-I SDF8117-LA: US$ 9.72
  • ASAP Grant No. 200001141: US$ 5.03
  • Government contribution amounts US$ 1.15 mill. in form of government financing taxes and duties as well as government staff salaries.
  • private sector and Partner Banks will contribute around US$ 1.48 million inform of investments and loans for agri-business.
  • Beneficiary contribution amounts US$ 1.47 mill. in form of labors and local given materials calculated in current market price
  • Components of FNML

    • Food and Nutrition Security and Pro-Poor Market Access
    • Inclusive Rural Finance Support
    • Institutional Support
    • Smallholder Adaptation to Climate Change Component

    Please visit Components Information page to read more about the components of FNML.


    FNML will promote farmers organizations wiling to pursue common goals. They could take the shape of either

    • learning groups, or
    • producers organisations

    STEPS to be considered:

    • Prepare farmers
    • Linking farmers groups
    • Peer learning farmers
    • Make farmers your trainers
    • Proper documentation of all the knowledge
    • Rightful transfer of the knowledge among groups/ individuals


    • Farmer
    • Banks
    • Trader
    • Buyer/ Processor

    Stakeholders Roles

    Development Partners: Farmers (Primary)

    • Form farmers groups and develop business plans
    • Set up labour sharing schemes
    • Growing at their own land, use local labour and materials in crop cultivation
    • Take good care of crop plantation according to recommendations of DAFO staffs and partners
    • Invest in processing equipment acquisition
    • Identify training needs of farmers groups
    • Participate in training and demonstration

    Finance Sector: Banks (Nayobay bank, Lao development Bank, Agriculture Promotion Bank)

    Facilitate access to and delivery of financial products/services to service needs of farmers groups, buyers/ processors, and traders.

    Business Sector: Traders, buyers/processers (Secondary)

    Traders ( Khouanchay Chaloen Kankha and other brookers )

    Structuring of an efficient supply chain structure between buyers/processors and farmers groups.

    Buyers/processors (Daoheuang, Sinouk, LMC, AGPC, Outspan Bolavens, Paksong Highland & other Agro-businesses)

    Contracting arrangements (Contract farming and other forms of production arrangements) with farmers groups,

    Support qualified inputs to farmers groups

    Provision of productive technologies

    Pictorial view - Roles of Stakeholders

    Target Commodities

    • Cash Crops
      • Maize and Cassava - (Ta’Oy, Samuay and Phouvong),
      • Coffee - (Xansay and Dakcheung),
      • Vegetables, Peanut - (Phouvong).
    • Home Garden
      • Chilli,
      • Moringa.
    • Niche crops
      • Bong,
      • Pepper,
      • Garlic,
      • Cardamom,
      • Ginger,
      • Asparagus,
      • Ginseng,
      • Moringa,
      • Banana.

    Why did we select these commodities?

    • They are already cultivated in the target districts,
    • They already provide cash income to families, including poor households,
    • They have potential for increasing productivity as well as for expansion,
    • They hold significant market potential both for domestic and export markets,
    • There are buyers and investors that are interested in developing purchases with smallholders, including through contract farming arrangements,
    • They can undergo farmer-based primary processing and be stored until they can be easily transported to increase the share of added value accruing to farmers.

    Stages of Development of commodities

Funding Partner


To Contact us:

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Ban Xaysy Saysettha District
Attapue Province Lao PDR

Tel: +856 36 210 274

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