Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Govt. of Lao PDR Southern
Laos Food and Nutrition Security and Market Linkages Programme
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Description of Components and subcomponents of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Components of FNML

  1. Food and Nutrition Security and Pro-Poor Market Access

  2. Inclusive Rural Finance Support

  3. Institutional Support

  4. Smallholder Adaptation to Climate Change Component


What Is SACCC & Why was it formed?

Smallholder Adaptation to Climate Change Component is a new component within the FNML, The SACCC will begin in September 2015 and will have a duration of five years, The focus of the SACCC will be to build the adaptive capacity of communities and institutions to better contend with Climate Change risks, The main target group will be within the population of 175 FNML target villages, It is estimated that the Component will include at a minimum 140 villages and 6,000 smallholder households, Assuming a 70% success rate, the SACCC will reduce the Climate Change vulnerability of at least 4,200 households (HH) and 21,000 people.

Food and Nutrition Security and Pro-Poor Market Access


  • This component contributes to the goal of the FNML, namely: To contribute to the reduction of extreme poverty and hunger in Lao PDR and the FNML Programme Development Objective (PDO): To ensure sustainable food and nutrition security and income of households in the target area.
  • The main SACCC impact indicators at the development objective level will be to see 4,200 direct beneficiary HHs moved down the CC vulnerability scale by at least one step (disaggregated by gender and ethnicity of HH-head).
  • Ensure that farmers increase their income through enhanced market access without jeopardising food and nutrition security
  • Will promote a range of business models
  • Will provide tailor-made support to farmer’s groups (learning group and producer group)

    Expected Outcomes

  • 1) Enabling environment for climate change adaptation strengthened
  • 2) Community-based Adaptation Investment Plans sustainably implemented
  • 3) 60% of target households report a 50% increase in the agricultural output of diversified food crop and main cash crop production
  • 4) At least 30% increase in the home garden nutritional food consumption

    Sub components

  • Preparatory activities
  • Village Programming
  • Business Partnership Development
  • Food and Nutrition Security

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